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Mid Sussex District Council—Adjacent Land & Charges




+  Minor Events (Per Session)  £92.70  

+  Minor Events (Multi-Session)  £185.00  

+  Major Events  £427.00  

+  Funfair/Circus - Large (Per Day)  £427.00  

+  Funfair/Circus - Small (Per Day)  £222.00  

+  Filming (Per Day)  £427.00  

+  Additional Charge for Use of Licensed Premises for Entertainment  £92.70  

Additional Charge for Summer Tournament (Per Pitch)  £14.00  

+  Event Set-Up Charge (One Full Day Before & After Event)  FREE  

+  Event Set-Up Charge (Each Additional Day)  £92.70  

+  Additional Charge for Late Application  £92.70  

Special Conditions – Events

(Please refer to the Council’s Conditions of Hire)

Classification of events as Major of Minor is dependent on the amount of space required, the number of people expected to attend and the nature of the activities involved. Please contact us for further information.

All events are subject to the payment of a ground re-instatement deposit.

Funfairs and Circuses

A small funfair/circus can be described as one having 5 (or fewer) powered rides/a Big Top holding fewer than 500 people, 10 (or fewer) stalls and 10 (or fewer) temporary structures/ancillary vehicles.

A large funfair/circus can be defined as one having 6 - 10 powered rides/a Big Top holding more than 500 people and more than 10 stalls, other temporary structures and ancillary vehicles. (Please refer to the application form for specific information on designated sites).

Event Set Up & De-Rig

One full day before and after the Operating Period of the event are provided free of charge for set-up and de-rig. Any subsequent days will be charged at the published rate.

Outdoor Services

Mid Sussex District Council


Oaklands Road

Haywards Heath

West Sussex

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Tel: 01444 477379

Fax: 01444 477464


Email: bookings@midsussex.gov.uk


Web: www.midsussex.gov.uk